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    What is my favorite season? Is spring? In the summer? Autumn? Or winter? What point by the way, is the summer, I like summer? Please read on! Summer is very hot, even the door also dare not out, there is only one way to go swimming, can go swimming, also can swim to the sun, still can exercise, can also play in the swimming pool, a water fight, water has a boat... Water vessel is invented games with my friends and I, is playing like this: there was a man sitting in the swim ring, one sent another person to destination, send the man to later, took the other one.

    More than swimming in summer, you can also go to the park to enjoy the park will sell some ice cream, and some old man holding a fan fan fan, there are some young people under the sun umbrellas, and some rest at home, have the somebody else all enjoy cool air in the balcony of the balcony!

    This season in summer is a season, I most like every time in summer, mom and dad took me to swim, I will be unhappy, so my hobby can't without summer.


    There are four seasons in a year.The first season is spring. In spring, almost everything comes back to life. The snow begins to melt, the trees sprout and the grass turns green.Spring is warm so that it's a good time to go hiking outdoors. After spring, itis summer. Summer is my favorite season,because I can swim quite often. The third one is autumn. In autumn, the weather is cool and comfortable. Farmers may be the busiest people, because autumn is a time of harvest.Winter is the last season of the year. In winter, the weather is very cold. In the north, it usually snows. Children can play games or make snowmen after snow. It seems very funny. But, because of the cold weather, I don't like winter very much. What's your favorite season?


    I think everyone has a favorite season. Then today I will talkabout my favorite season.

    In this season, I can do what I what. Such as, I can eat ice-cream in the coffee shop, I can ride bike with my good friends,I can take a walk in the evening and so on.

    In this season, I can wear T-shirt. I also can wear dress. Ihave many beautiful dress. And I can put on my yellow sun hat,too! That’s so pretty. Isn’t it?

    In this season, I can drink less drinks. Such as, cola, juice andso on. Wow, when I think it, I will so happy. Because in otherdays, I can’t drink cold drinks. And I only can drink boiled water.Because my health isn’t good. My mother tell me it two yearsago.

    Do you know my favorite season is what? Right, that is summer! Ilove summer. Do you like summer, too? If you don’t like summer,then what season do you like?[我最喜欢的季节英语作文]相关文章:1.英语作文我最喜欢的季节2.最喜欢的季节英语作文


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